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Hello and welcome to SupersonicMC, a fully developed, and committed factions, creative, and skyblock server on Minecraft. Every version is compatible,and everyone is welcome. With our amazing spawn, plugins, events, ranks, we will ensure you have the most amazing factions experience. Applications are currently open, so come hop on our 24/7 server with 4gb of ram. Join now, and experience our beautiful adventurous game modes, warps, kits, commands, and anything you possibly want. Legitimitally, this server is the best on Minecraft. The owner is extremely dedicate, leniant, kind, and brings positivity to the server ,and I hope you can join this SupersonicMC Network today! to have a fantastic time!

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Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.13.x
MOTD Welcome To Tropical MC Network!
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