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Better Minecraft [FABRIC] 1.18.2

We're a SMP Minecraft server that is fully focused on the community. Our goal is to create a friendly, enjoyable and non Pay-2-Win Server. But what do we offer?

Why I decided to create a server, During lockdown I went through a rough patch and focused my time and effort into a Minecraft server. My first ever server that I released, I am trying to make everyone happy and have implemented tons of features into the server recently, Enough about me here's what we offer!

Main features:


  • You can Claim land with as many people you want and play as a team together

  • Land protection to protect against griefers, allowing you to build amazing houses / bases.

  • GUIs will help you ease you into our Land Management System. Land names, roles and role permissions are all things you can customize.

  • Lands have no limit to how many chunks they can claim or how many players they can hold.

  • You can fly with-in your Land to build amazing builds or just to muck about, you gain time by joining and participating in Events


  • You can Unlock Utility Drones or even War Drones these drones will fight to save your life during Events and the Zombie Horde, These bots are Brand new.

  • I personally have never seen them before and absolutely amazing, you can whitelist players so it does not attack them and even mobs.

  • These Drones are Upgradable too so you can keep yourself busy getting him upgraded .

Battle Pass:

  • We have a battle pass that is completely free for everyone to participate in, The challenges that are in the Pass are from Milking Cows to Mining 1000 Blocks

  • It is a very Balanced Pass with Cosmetics and Items for all to enjoy and use!


  • You have skills like Endurance, Mining and Farming etc. To level up and gain abelites like Rare drops from mining Dirt/Stone

  • These skill will give you hearts and even Mana to spend on using abilities


  • Non PAY2WIN, Every player is equal except on a Cosmetic Point of View

  • I am always working on the server even during my exams (May-July)

  • I am always listening to the community.

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