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The Purge - Minecraft Servers is a 100% custom experience created for some of the most experienced PVP players in Minecraft. With custom plugins, you and your friends can join a world full of chaos and deception. Team up with your friends or dive in it alone, create a base, and stack up on supplies cause once a week, The Purge begins! Before The Purge, restrictions are enabled. You cant kill, grief, or destroy your neighbors. But once the announcement begins then the tides change. With our automated plugins, the announcer will commence the weekly purge disabling all restrictions for 4 hours. Everything goes and those whom you once trusted will betray you. Griefing will occur, the killing will flood the feeds for the hunger of the server arises in attempts to claim everything that someone once held dear to them.Proximity chat with Discord.Custom plugins that Commence the starting and ending of The Purge.Proper claim protection when The Purge is not active.Unique experience for new and experienced players.Vanilla Minecraft: 1.16.5 updated with every new Spigot patch!Custom teams that allow proper gameplay during and before The Purge!And wayyy more!

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.5
MOTD There are no rules during, The Purge!
Players 0/60
Categories Survival 1.8 Spigot PVP Economy