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The Bush

This site shows the server as being offline but I assure you that it is online and operational.

This is a new server and is still in development. Main lobby is completed to which each gamemode lobby is being worked on. Please refrain from doing anything around the portals as the lobby will be made in that area. Bedwars is fully complete. 

Version 1.12.2 - will upgrade versions if plugins will remain compatible. This is to ensure that you get the best playing experience with what the server offers.

Three Bedwar Maps: 2-8 Players




Creative: Unlimited Building

Full creative mode. Protect your builds by claiming your land. Full redstone, but please keep redstone creations small as to not eat up server space.

Survival: No Limits

Full survival. Not much to say, its survival. You punch the trees to get the wood. You get the wood to build a cabin. Protect your builds by claiming land. Trade, sell and purchase goods from other players. Shops are coming soon.

PVP: Coming Soon


No hacking and or cheating in any way

Stick to the gamemodes

No griefing

No foul language and or hate speech of any kind

Report bugs/server issues to a Staff Member

Must always listen to Staff and follow their directions and or commands

Must report if you have command access that you should not have if you find you have them 

No large redstone builds.

No large TNT explosions.

No actions that would destroy or ruin the server and its operations

This is not an all-inclusive list of rules. Just play the game the way it was designed to be in each mode and you will be fine. Those found to be in violation of the rules will be removed from the server and run the risk of being permanently banned from entering again.

I want this server to be as open and free as possible and it depends on you the player doing the right thing.If you enjoy the server please tell your friends and let’s, make this grow. Don't forget to drop us a vote. Go out, have fun, explore and create in The Bush.

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