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IP: Discord Link: everyone!The Forgotten Realm was gone for a period of time and now we're back! We'd like to welcome everyone back, we're super excited about this re-release. We were first founded in December of 2017, and the community is back and we welcome new survivors that would like to join us on this journey!The Forgotten Realm is a community that focuses on the most basic purpose of Minecraft, survival! The server backbone is the plugin Towny, with the help of another plugin, Jobs. Everything on our server around money and how fast and efficiently you can make it. You need to make sure to do your job to keep your town alive and running, or else it will fall into ruin. Our plugin list includes some of the following: Towny, CoreProtect, SilkSpawners, Jobs, MCMMO and many more to come!We can't wait to see you on,- Tree

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Version 20w18a
MOTD A Minecraft Server
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