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The Golden Egg Online
The Golden Egg
THEGOLDENEGG 1.19 No Reset Survival

The Golden Egg is a place where you can experience the game as it was then! Players have NO access to /teleport or /sethome commands for a truly classic survival experience. [No Land-Claim, No /teleport and sethome, Survival -Open World, PVP, Griefing Allowed, No CHEATS, NO world reset]. Gamemode: Survival, Difficulty Level - HARD, You can /vote to receive daily rewards, The PVP is enabled, There are NO pay-to-win features to provide equality, Enchased Anti-Cheat for a truly classic experience. Join TheGoldenEgg today and try to become the server KING.

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Server Information

Votes 59
Version Paper 1.19
Players 1/100
Categories Survival Vanilla CraftBukkit Spigot PVP