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The Hideout Online

The Hideout was started as a small closed server where we could play with friends who share our belief that Minecraft should be about having fun. Now that The Hideout is open to everyone, we're hoping to keep the community feel going by having mature, chill staff who play the game alongside everyone else. Commands like /condense, /disposal, /craft (a mobile crafting table), and /rtp (random teleport) are available for free to all players.

  • FREE ranks
  • FREE access to commands like /condense, /craft, /disposal
  • Active, chill staff
  • No grief allowed, your builds are protected
  • PvE, Hard Mode survival
  • Discord <--> Minecraft: chat in-game via Discord and chat on Discord thru Minecraft

Plugins: SilkSpawners, McMMO, Jobs, Towny, ShopChest

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version Spigot 1.15.2
MOTD The Hideout
Players 0/54
Categories McMMO PVE Economy Towny