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FactionsUUID - TownyAdvanced - MCMMO - Custom Jobs - Bounty Hunters - Mini-Games - Acid-Island - OPEN 24/7 - [1.14.3] - Special Ranks - Timed Rewards - Random Teleportation - QuantumShop - Bungeecord - DeluxeChat - Citizens - Elevators - Custom Skyblock Challenges - Custom Acid Island Challenges - Levels - Island warps+So much more! Join us today...Welcome to The Lounge MC! A Great Minecraft Server Full of Fun things to do and Game Modes to Play!We Support All Minecraft Versions up to 1.14.3 thanks to Via-Version!Please Join our community right now and give things a try!We are taking Staff Applications! Apply [email protected] yesSkype: noMic/Headset: yestime played: 4 daysVoted for Server? Yes

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