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To End All Wars Online
To End All Wars
The official TEAW beta server!
The Official To End All Wars Server!The world in the 1800's, a time of innovation and industrialization, and now it's up to you to guide your own nation to greatness in this hostile world!The create mod offers the ability to make wonderful machines and the recruits mod allows you to field large armies and gear them up using your industrial might. Engage in wars to take down your enemies or unite players around you under your banner.We are currently testing our server on a european 1:1000 map, players needed!You can find the modpack either on this curseforge link (, on the curseforge app or you can download it manually from our discord server!Want to take a peek at what's happening? Check out the dynmap!:, join the subreddit! r/ToEndAllWars

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Version forge arclight 1.18.2
Players 0/50
Categories Survival PVE PVP Economy Towny Earth 1.18 Modded