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UR Community Survival Server
A Minecraft Server

                                                                                              UR Community Minecraft Server                                                                                                                  SurvivalUR Survival features incredible grief-protected survival with the focus to make your experience more enjoyable! From adventures to the Lava Lands and the Sky Islands of Deep Space to building amazing survival structures, you’re able to explore all over the world, build, and make new friends. Its always devastating to log onto a server that you've spent hours of time on and see that all your progress is gone to a server reset. We plan to keep our map for as long as is physically possible! That means your builds will always be accessible. We also back up our server every single day, and back it up to an external location every week. We know that bad things out of our control are bound to happen, but we will be prepared! You can rely on us!- 24/7 Server- Player Homes | Everyone is able to set 5 homes- Land Claiming | Protect your property with ease- Friendly Community | Although we are a new server, we encourage our future players to be mature, respectful, and friendly!- Custom Crates | Many Ways of obtaining Keys with amazing rewards- Over 400+ Achievements to complete- Keep Inventory is enabled                                                                                                              Come Join us Today!                                                                                                     

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