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UberPrison | 24/7 | NEW | OP PRISON | VOTED BEST! Online
UberPrison!UberPrison is a semi-op prison serverthat is made to be fun for players to join.Although it may seem hard to get into onceyou get to know players and staff membersyou will be hooked.Going through the ranks is very satisfiyingbecause it can take a while trying to rank upsometimes, and as its a Semi-Op server we tryto keep the donor ranks as close to the defaultas we can while also giving a clear advantage toplayers who donate such as being able to do /auc.

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version Paper 1.12.1
MOTD CraftYourTown - Survival & Towny [1.7+] iii WE HAVE REOPEN! COME AND JOIN US!iii
Players 4/250