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Hello, welcome to the town of Utopia. We are a very special towny server, that includes great, hard working, and respectable staff, and also a great community. We have been working hard to create the perfect towny server, for everyone! We have some amazing plugins, that are fun and exciting for everyone to enjoy! These plugins include: Towny (of course), Mcmmo Crates, and a Player Sign Shop. We also have our very own, custom made, spawn, that includes: our Shop and Voting Crates. We currently have 2 in-game ranks you can buy, and we are still working on more. Let's get on to the fun and exciting things about this server. Because we are a towny server, we include no raid, if your town is claimed… but that doesn’t mean that there are no battles… every place that is not claimed, is a warzone, so watch your back, every step you take, you never know who’s watching. So, if you love meeting people, being in a town, with jobs, and amazing, fun communities, having big battles, and just having fun… come join Utopia for the best time in your life!

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Version CraftBukkit 1.12.2
MOTD Welcome To Utopia! War day Every Saturday 12 pm Est!
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