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Valexium Online
Valexium Season 7 Coming Soon... 1.7-1.19

[+] Hosted in Sydney, Australia.
[+] Supported clients are 1.8+

Best features:
- Hunger Games can be played alongside Factions, head to warp SurvivalGames in-game!
- Parkour with rewards at the finish line.
- Dynamic Map of the world to view your lovely bases.
- Combat Mastery to earn buffs from your experience in the battle arena.
- 24/7 KoTH near spawn for you to capture, controlling team earns spectacular perks.
- Supplies drop near spawn on a regular interval, and also by player request.
- Purchase ranks using in-game currency to earn permissions and perks from your playtime.
- Custom Terrain across the entire 10,000 x 10,000 main world. Take a look on the dynamic map!
- Faction fly for all players. Along with automatic nearby dispenser TNT filling.
- Duel other players and optionally place bets, winner takes all!
- There is much more to see and learn about the world of Valexium, please come and see for yourself :)

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