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Welcome to VanityRaids, a Custom Factions server originating all the way from 2015! IP: * Unstable Economy - We've developed the server making it so it's easy to get money with these custom biomes, more diamonds, and they sell for a great price! Things are very cheap, and some things sell for MASSIVE amounts of money such as Beacons, for $100k! * Original Experience - Our factions server originated all the way back from 2015, and we've been growing ever since. Installing new things, updating the server, but the one most important factor of our server: the fact that we're original. We have original plugins, original cannoning, and more! * Minigames - Don't ever get bored with our minigames! Bored? Play game such as CakeClicker by using /cakeclicker, or gamble with your friends with /rps, a casino, and more! * Lag Free - VanityRaids is running off of a huge dedicated server, so you can say bye to lag! It doesn't matter how many players we get, we won't have lag! Here is where you can have an amazing, enjoyable factions experience with your friends! * Custom Builds - Tired of joining servers where they have downloaded spawns, downloaded pvp warps that you see on every other server out there? Join here and you can rid the thought of those disgusting spawns! We have custom builds that are up to years old and never seen on any other server! * Player Commands - Tired of those servers where you can only set ONE home as a Member, and have to purchase things on the server to set more? Tired of not being able to fly? This is the place that allows you to do all of this! As a Member, you can set up to THREE homes! And, as a Member, you can FLY in your own faction territory just by using /fly! Cool, right? * Customized Factions - Factions has been customized here! We have custom TNT, original cannoning from 1.7, and MORE! TNT doesn't blow up items, but it blows up water! You can raid those rival factions with ease! * Stabilized Rules Tired of those dumb rules that don't allow you to do the fun things in Factions? Where they don't allow you to do the things that Factions is all about? We hate those, and that's why we stabilized the server's rules! We made it so even when you're following the server's rules, you can have a very enjoyable experience! Make sure to join today, we want to see you on the server! Server IP: Store: Website:

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