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 VillaMc is a strictly vanilla server, with no helpful plugins! VillaMC as a server has had huge inspiration from the HermitCraft YouTube series by the Hermits. We're in our beginning stages and still rolling out constant updates to improve the server and the gameplay. VillaMc is a 1.14.4 Minecraft server and it does have a custom-built whitelist system! We invite you to our server that has inspiring builds, amazing experiences, strong community. That's not it! We also have custom districts with themed builds and a very amazing staff team.VillaMc is completely a nonpay2win server, our goal isn't to try and monetize our players it's to build a stronger community and server. With our custom made whitelist system, strong anti-cheat to prevent griefing, stealing and hacking we believe to we're here to bring the best experience. We are also open to constant feedback from you, yes you! From something like Hermit-Craft where only the biggest YouTubers can play like MumboJumbo, Xisumavoid, and Docm77 we wanted to bring a server just like that to you!What are you waiting for? Join our Discord and apply for "Member" rank and join right away!VillaMC Discord Server: IP:

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