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- Factions -Factions is also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses. You may choose to go to war, Ally or make Enemies, Build a Kingdom! Get the Best loot you can get! - Drugs -Drugs is what adds more to the game, Were NOT A Fully Drug server with /rankup We have Drugs to make Factions more of a Diplomacy War, You can either choose to sell And inhale! The choice is yours! To learn more about our Drugs come on and Check us out!- Guns -You may be asking, Why guns? Guns is what adds more to PvP you may think were crazy But its actually fun once you get more into it. We have many different kinds of Guns to use! We have Ak-47, Bazookas, Olympia's, Carbines And much more! - McMMo -We have McMMo! The only things we Disabled in our McMMo is any PvP Skills, Because We feel like its very unfair for all those good PvPers out there dealing with people who have Those High McMMo points, You can Redeem McMMo points just from voting! And our McMMo is not very hard to get. - Raiding -The Raiding is real! There is a Raid on Vitrolic Every Day! No matter how hard you Try looking and try finding one you may just be lucky and be able to get into there base And steal the good loot!- Crates -Our Crates are one of a kind! Not only that they have amazing rewards! But its also fun At the same time! By the way our crates work is we try our hardest to add some of the Best things in there as possible including some stuff that may be tricky to get at the same time You can get your ways with our Crate Keys from Voting!


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MOTD [=--->>--<<+>> VitrolicFactions <<+>>--<<---=]Drugs > Guns > Factions > Crates > Epic PvP
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