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The Economy (For the grinders)We wanted our economy to feel real, and to feel natural, which is why a lot of economical events (for example a carriage that buys a certain good "arriving" at spawn) are done manually. Additionally, we are extremely conscious of all of the money that is put into the economy, we are constantly making sure no one is "too" rich, and that everyone has an equal chance at becoming the "largest" economic empire on the server. When it comes to pricing items, we allow our players to run a vast majority of the economy, although we do set up temporary "travelers" who will purchase your resources for a price. We focused heavily on making sure there is not too much money circulating in the economy, so we created "money sinks" for example large auctions where admins will sell powerful tools and weapons for a high price in order to lower the balances of the server elites. The Combat (For the PVPers)We reverted to the OG melee combat system, because let's be honest here, it's better than the new system. For the most part, PVP/PVE is vanilla, although we do have some special tools/weapons/armor with modified enchants. For example, you can purchase a pickaxe with efficiency 10 at spawn. We may add some "magical" tools and weapons in the future, but they will be rare. We want the combat on the server to be more like sieges with TNT cannons and knights in shining armor and less like wizards and witches using their magic to fight. The Vanilla+ World(For the builders and Explorers)The world is a vanilla 1.16.5 world with regular land generation. There is currently no world border because we do not expect our player base to blow up overnight, so explore to your hearts extent. There are custom built towns, similar to spawn, that you can find in the wilderness to explore and loot. We tried to add a very minimal amount of plugins to create an enhanced Vanilla survival experience.  Notable Features:- Dynamic "nerfed" economy with random events and an immersive feeling.- No world border (for now), random towns / monuments in the wilderness. Appear randomly.- Small, chill player base. Generally a fun environment if you want to play Minecraft with some friends or meet new players.- Dedicated staff team- Vanilla survival gameplay with all your most useful features like teleporting, setting home warps, and creating teams.- PVP-Enabled wilderness with a competitive environment.

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