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Whalecum to WhaleCraft!
A McMMO Minecraft server, where you can get In-game jobs, sell stuff on market, meet new people, make new friends & more to come!

[People joke a lot, so best be 16+]

Owners: Ronakus & Mee0w
Mods: Graysu, ItsHannahBee, MazeTheWolf

For people who wish to donate to keep the server up and get VIP Ranks:

  • VIP - 20$
  • VIP+ - 25$
    - Get 1 NPC of yourself or other at ur base
  • MVP - 30$
    - Get ur own private channel on Discord (No NSFW name)
  • G.O.A.T - 50$
    - Get 2 NPC's of yourself or other at ur base
    - Added to the 'Hall of Fame' in the hub [WIP]

    - Also get the rewards for VIP+ & MVP

Send the amount for the Rank you wish, with ur gamertag and it will be added
(We do know there are other ways to do this, but this was easier for us)

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