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Wonder Craft Slimefun 1.17 Online
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PotatoTheRipper Posted 2 years ago

Well as a minecraft player that really love a hardcore custom survival , i would recommend this server with the slimefun plugin on 1.14.3 , and custom made item in the slimefun from the server. if u dont want to play survival the got several other mode as creative , skyblock and some cool minigame. Wondercraft got a really nice staff and member that arent toxic at all , they really do got a nice chill server that really make you want to play more , and a really helpful staff that helped you to know more about slimefun if you didnt know anything about slimefun , NO even the owner of the server will help you understand what is slimefun., i have seen the owner of the server (Moolite) help some player that really dont know about slimefun. All i can say if u want to play a custom survival that involve custom plugin i would recommend it 10/10 best server that i've played , i spent alot of hours playing this server ( 75 hours + in a single week ) they really are addictive.

DrezZ Posted 2 years ago

I love this server. Its perfect. The community, the staff the server performance. Just Perfect :D

LordRayv Posted 2 years ago

Amazing server with SlimeFun, has a friendly community and active and helpful staff

cici205i Posted 2 years ago

nice server i love it

MommaToy Posted 2 years ago

awesome server! custom slimefun, op enchants and a great staff and friendly community!

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Version Paper 1.17.1
MOTD !!!!!!!!= WONDER CRAFT 1.17 !!!!!!!! The Ultimate Slimefun Server
Players 1/100