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Hey all!Xortex's SMP is a small survival server, with a tight-knitcommunity, and lovely staff. We let our Members do things such as/nick, /skull, /head and more than other servers would ask you to payfor! (We have a VIP rank that has /repair, /heads, /rename)We have vote rewards, publicmob grinders, farms, grief protection, and more! We also have a Discordserver where you can talk to people who are in-game! We are everchanging and would love to have you.SERVER RULES: (Applies to Server and Discord{Some})1. In-game, there is NO griefing. We will find out from our logs, and action will be taken.- Trust me, we know who it is.2. Be nice! We do not tolerate or support toxicity, racism, hate speechof any kind. Just respect one another. If you choose to ignore theserules, action will be taken.3. Do not advertise your server or another server here. Doing so will result in a mute, then will escalate if needed.4. No mods/hacks/cheating that provides unfair advantage or server damage.- ALLOWED: Optifine/Minimaps5. No unbearable NSFW.6. Nicknames that are deemed offensive, will be asked to be changed. If you choose to not listen, action will be taken.7. ULTIMATE RULE: HAVE FUN! We want you to have fun, enjoy yourself andfeel safe all at the same time. We strive to have a close, tight-knitcommunity.We have a Discord! to see you there! Your adventure awaits!

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.13.1
MOTD -----~Elder Tales Online~----- Currently in Alpha 1.13.1
Players 0/0
Categories Survival Spigot Economy