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Zuligen Online


    Zuligen is a friendly Minecraft server, with fun community driven ideas where anyone can suggest new features and ideas. You are able to connect to our server using 1.16.2 or 1.16.3

General Info:

  • Chat, /msg’s, the tablist, and ranks sync across all gamemodes
  • All game modes are all using 1.16.2 (but you can also connect with 1.16.3)
  • Chat is linked to a discord channel so you can talk to people while out on the go
  • Custom server builds (we don't download builds or worlds from the internet but instead make everything custom)
  • Cheaters get punishments fit for the crime (rules found below)

Important Zuligen links:

Details about each gamemode:

The reason we have these gamemodes is that our players requested them. We have chat and the tablist connected between all game modes to keep the community together.


  • Shops at spawn
  • Homes, /tpa and /tpahere so you can teleport
  • McMMO so you can hone your skills and get rewarded with more drops and abilities
  • Jobs for earning money and leveling your craft!
  • Parkour where you can get enchantments on armor and swords If you don't want to work for them
  • Datapacks such as Random Villager Names, Stonecutter Damage, and Trident Saver, along with Blaze and Cave's Advancements Pack and a custom datapack made by one of Zuligen’s Admins
  • Chest, Furnace, Hopper, etc. protection


  • Massive 150 x 150 plots
  • Limited WorldEdit access for all members (donors get more access because worldedit stresses the server)
  • Custom heads that can be used to decorate any build
  • Custom armor stands
  • Some awesome builds made by other players that you can explore

Events / Minigames

  • Current event: Build Competition 3
  • Theme: Build something Nether themed
  • There will be other events and minigames hosted in the future

All official server builds are custom built by members of our community:
(we don't download cookie cutter builds from external websites)

  • Creative Spawn: Esper_Osis
  • Hub spawn: stw222, kaasudo, ruinstar, UpstartN00b13
  • Survival Spawn: stw222, kaasudo, LadyEllesmere, KnightWalker49
  • Other staff members that have helped: YumiOkami, TechuntrTM, JeBoiiJeppe, Mybunchaboys

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version 1.16.2 to 1.16.3
MOTD Zuligen! [1.16.2 - 1.16.3] --- Survival Creative Events ---
Players 1/40