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Zuligen Online

The Survival world has been reset as voted by our players during our 1.16.1 update. Come enjoy the new nether content with us

    Zuligen is a friendly Minecraft server, with fun community driven ideas where anyone can suggest new features and ideas. You are able to connect to our server using 1.16.1

Here is some initial information about us:

  • Chat is linked between all gamemodes for easy communication and /msg’s
  • The tablist is linked across all game modes so you know who is online
  • Ranks sync across all game modes
  • All game modes are all using 1.16.1 but you can still connect with newer versions
  • Chat is linked to a discord channel so you can talk to people while out on the go
  • Custom server builds (we don't download builds or worlds from the internet and make everything custom)

Important Zuligen links:

  • Website:
  • Sub-Reddit:
  • Discord:
  • IP:
  • Our statistics:
  • Staff application:
  • Instagram: @ZuligenMC -

Details about each gamemode:

The reason we have all of these gamemodes is that our players requested them. We have chat and the tablist connected between all game modes to keep the community together.


  • Shops at spawn
  • Limited homes so you can teleport, just not everywhere
  • Land protection so you don't need to deal with annoying griefers
  • McMMO so you can hone your skills and get rewarded
  • Jobs for earning money and leveling skills


  • Massive 150 x 150 plots
  • Limited WorldEdit access for all members (donors get more access because worldedit stresses the server)
  • Custom heads that can be used to decorate any build
  • Custom armor stands
  • Some awesome builds made by other players that you can explore

Events / Minigames

  • Current event: TBA
  • There will be other events and minigames hosted in the future

All official server builds are custom built by members of our community:
(we don't download cookie cutter builds from external websites)

  • Creative Spawn: Esper_Osis
  • Hub spawn: stw222, kaasudo, ruinstar, UpstartN00b13
  • Survival Spawn: stw222, kaasudo, LadyEllesmere, KnightWalker49
  • Skyblock Spawn: Ruinstar, stw222, LadyEllesmere, Kaasudo
  • Other staff members that have helped: YumiOkami, TechuntrTM, JeBoiiJeppe, Mybunchaboys

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version 1.16.1
MOTD - Zuligen! [1.16.1] - Survival Skyblock Creative Events
Players 0/40