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Version: Patch note v0.2 Added 2021-11-06 08:48:21


Patch note v0.2 Classes Update Completed Archer skills

Completed Hunter skills

-Arrow Shot: Main Skill -Bamboozle Skill Augmenter : Silence

-Stinging Shot Skill Augmenter : Stun -Spiked Arrow Skill Augmenter : Buff Dps -BackStep: Damage immune/Movement Skill Completed Warrior skills -Bash : Main Skill

-Encumbering Blow Skill Augmenter : Slow -Bleeding Edge Skill Augmenter : Bleed

-Binding Rage Skill Augmenter : Root

-Dash : Damage immune/Movement
2 more Class to go Mage and a Healer
Changed Max lv from 50 to 100

-To get to lv 100 you need to get up to 50,036 exp

All Skill effects are done for the mean time will check after sometime if we need to update it.
Added a ton of passive skills: Mostly stat upgrades. - Lively Cub - Spirited Lion - Agile - Swiftly Prowess - Mage Apprentice - The Wiz - Swagger - Swaggest - Bulk up - Hulk up - Iron Coat - Platinum Coat - Concentrate - Meditate
Currently working on Customized items with stats Vip store fpr Gcash/711/ and other local payment options are now available

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