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mc[LV] - Minecraft Server Online

Server mode: SURVIVAL ONLY (one of the best survival servers)Just a Simple Minecreft server WITHOUT stuped mods or gamemodes or lot of maps.For real SUrvival LOVERS! 1 world + some minigames = good communityServer with balanced economy, vote reward system and popular plugins(McMMo, AutoRank, ChestShop, ShopGUI+, Auctions, Discord, Jobs, SkyBlock and more)Come and try now and get your free $ 2000 ingame cash!

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version Paper 1.17.1
MOTD Welcome to mc[LV] server 2021 HaveFun! CleanSurvival/JOBS/Shop/AutoRank/TreeAsist
Players 1/15
Categories Survival Spigot McMMO Economy