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          Hey everybody, 

I've regained an interest in Minecraft after a hiatus of about a year, and one of the things that saddens me the most is the arrival of the "large servers". Back when I first started playing (just after beta came out!), there were no enchantments, there were no money-hungry servers, and the largest server struggled to cross 400 players. 

When I look at the "popular" servers today, all I see are institutions geared towards stripping as much money from players as possible, while delivering a minimal amount of content. 

This problem is something that I'd like to rectify by setting up my own server. Here's a little background on me before I go any further. I'm a freshman in college, (19 years old), and I have about 5 years of experience in software engineering. And yes, I do have my fair share of experience with Minecraft development - I've worked for some of the largest servers out there, such as Minetime and Uberminecraft. 

In setting up a new server, a few of the goals that I want to hit are 

  • Strong community - server where communication is essential to aid gameplay
  • Balanced gameplay- no overpowered gear for "donators" or paying customers. you play to win, not pay to win.
  • Well-moderated - cheating is a big issue in todays large servers, because it just gets overlooked. Not here
  • Dynamic and engaging - A lot of servers, even the large ones are just thrown together and advertised. I want to create a server that's carefully put together to deliver the maximum amount of pleasure    

I'm more than familiar with servers and development, and I'm financially stable enough where I can run this server out-of-pocket for more than half a year. However, all of this is useless with you guys, the community! I'd like to put together your ideas and your passions for this game into a server that everybody and their friends can come on, enjoy, and have a good time.

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