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It starts with one thing.

unGODLY Part IV: Aftermath is the fourth iteration of enhanced survival server series unGODLY. In this server, players take on the role of survivors in a tough and unforgiving world where terrifying monsters lurk in every trench and cave, eager to rend the flesh of anyone who dares to get too close, while bandits and pillagers roam the forests and fields in search of explorers to kill. In unGODLY, you will traverse an expansive world full of a vast array of gorgeous biomes ranging from ordinary plains, forests, deserts, and the like to moonlight valleys, mirage isles, orchid swamps, and more in search of all manner of resources in order to not only survive and thrive, but conquer the land and obtain mastery of the world around you.

As you journey through the land, killing monsters, obtaining resources, and building structures, you will increase your skills and abilities and even unlock new powers to aid you in your endeavors. In addition to this, you can even apply to your weapons and armor powerful enchantments that will further ease any burden the world may thrust upon you. If you play your cards right, you may very well become a god among men.

The server runs on Purpur 1.19.2 and features a number of plugins intended to enhance gameplay and make things better for users. These plugins include AureliumSkills, Citizens, dynmap, EnchantmentSolution, Essentials, EZColors, FartherViewDistance, GeoFurnace, GriefDefender, GSit, HiveChecker, IronDoors, Jobs, Leashable, MarriageMaster, MineableSpawners, Minepacks, NetherWater, NoChatReports, OldCombatMechanics, PlayerVaults, QuickShop, Redye, RottenFleshToLeather, ShulkerPackX, SimplePets, TreeFeller, UnbreakableLeashes, VeinMiner, ViaBackwards, ViaRewind, ViaVersion, voicechat, and so much more. With these plugins, you can:

- Set claims to protect your property from griefing.

- Access a number of convenient commands, such as /sethome, /tpa, /craft, and more.

- Access your ender chests from anywhere and carry a backpack.

- Access infinite storage space via your personal vaults.

- Obtain powerful enchants not possible in the vanilla game without mods or commands.

- Enjoy 1.8 combat mechanics, primarily attacking without cooldown.

- Place water in the nether.

- Sit or lay down.

- Open iron doors and trapdoors with your hand.

- Change your nickname, its color, and the color of your text.

- Place a furnace on top of a lava block for infinite fuel.

- Marry other players.

- Mine spawners.

- Open shulkers without placing them.

- Look inside of bee hives.

- Chop down entire trees by breaking one log.

- Mine entire veins at once.

- Buy and sell items with in-game currency obtained via jobs and trading.

- Level up your skills and abilities to become stronger.

- Have a customizable pet that will follow you around.

- Interact with NPCs.

- Dye items and materials again, even if they've already been dyed.

- Use a lead on any mob and carry them any distance without breaking the lead.

- See at whatever render distance you set for yourself.

- View the entire map at once.

- Use proximity chat so long as you have the Simple Voice Chat mod installed on your client.

- Join on nearly any Minecraft version.

All of these features and more can be accessed for free. No paid ranks or microtransactions whatsoever. Everything is one-hundred percent free. In addition to the above, you are also able to join the server on Bedrock Edition. However, it is recommended that you play on Java Edition 1.19.2. For more information, or just to keep in touch with the player base, feel free to join the unGODLY Discord at

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