Craftlist Logo Large is a service which allows you to promote and advertise your minecraft server. Craft-List also offers a lot of features for you to use. These will help you to promote your server.

Craft-List also allows you to find new servers to play on. You can also comment and review servers. These features will help you find good servers to play on.

There are unfortunately no mobile version of Try to visit the site on a computer for the full experience.
If you just added your server to, it will take up to 15 minutes before it will be checked.
If your server is listed as offline 15 minutes after you added it, please make sure that your server is online and that the ports are open. If you are unsure if your server can be accessed by other players, visit to check your server ports.
When you add a server to, you will be promted with a step-by-step guide to make sure that you don't leave anything out. When you submit your server, you will either see a success message in green or a error message in red. Make sure to read the error messages you get, and fix those issues when you run the step-by-step guide again.

Useful tips

Like a server? Make sure to rate it to help other players.
Remember to put in as much information about your server as possible to make it more complete and draw attention in search engines.