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API Documentation

Get info on Craft-List 2.0, including articles, resource descriptions, and error explanations.

Getting Started with servers

The best way to start a server is to purchase hosting from a company such as Apex Minecraft.

How does VIP work

VIP will give your server a spot at the top of our site allowing it to be seen by visitors a lot easier.

Get started with an account

You can get started by registering an account here.

How to sign up on Craft-List

You can sign up by clicking on the "Register" link in the navigation bar. If you can't find it, use this link.

How to resolve stolen servers

Click on the "Contact" link in the navigation and click ticket support. We will resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Server status issues

First, make sure that your server is online and accessible for other people. If they can join, but it shows "Offline" on, please wait at least 15 minutes for our system to get your server status.

Vote Rules

You may only vote once every day (24 hours). This will give the server one vote point, and the server may give you a reward for voting. If you are logged in to a Craft-List account, the server you vote for will receive double vote points. This will boost the server on the server list.

How to add a server to the list

You have to sign up on the website in order to add your minecraft server to the list. This will let you add information and configure votifer for your server.

How to edit your server

You can edit your minecraft server when ever you want to, if you have new information, made a video for it or want to add votifer. This can be done by logging into your account, going to your profile page and clicking on the "edit server" button next to your server details.

What is comments, and how do they work?

Comments are the best way to leave feedback on a server. If you like the server, and want other players to know that you recommend it, you can leave a comment and 5 stars. If you think the server could have some improvements, you can leave a comment about that as well! You can manage your comments from your profile page.

How to edit your profile

This can be done from your profile page. There is a blue "Edit" button there that will let you change information like email and password, or disable your profile completely (Can not be recovered without a valid reason!).

About profile pictures

Everyone can have their own profile picture that will make it easier for other players to find you. This will also be shown on your profile, on comments and on the forums. You can change your profile picture from your profile page.

My server still shows offline

If you have waited 15 minutes after posting and your server is still offline it maybe your DNS. We have seen in the past servers not show online due to CloudFlares DNS protection. Contact us if you want us to try help you.