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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

This is a page to outline some terms and rules that you as user should read and accept before using the website (

For normal users:

Act normal / kind when commenting on this website. We exclude hatefull, racist, rude comments and commentators. If you do not have anything constructive to say, then keep the comment to yourself.

It is not allowed to try and vote more than (once per day per server). If we spot deliberate cheating we might ban the player from the site. If it is many from the same server that try to cheat, a penalty can be given to the server.

For server owners (registered users):

You agree to receive occasional emails from Craft-List when it is relevant to Minecraft, this site or your server. Though no more than 1 email each month. You can opt-out from this email whenever you want to.

We do accept "cracked" (offline mode) servers, and these should be marked as cracked in the category field.

It is not allowed to advertise your server in the comment section on other servers on this site. Will often result in a ban so you cannot post more comments.

TITLE field is ONLY meant to be a title/name of server. Not a list of plugins or "Staff Needed".

Only submit your server ONCE - if you try delete / resubmit to much, server IP will automatically be flagged for review and possible banned from future advertisement on this website.

You are not allowed to use any kinds of scripts or macros to communicate with this site. Eg. trying to vote automatic create, edit or bumping servers automatic. If we detect this you will be removed and banned.

Do you manipulate your server data to enhance players online value or similar.

If you find your servers is getting deleted by an admin, it is because you are breaking the rules somehow - work harder on your submission to avoid this. If this happens to much, we will end up blocking the IP from future advertisment on the website.

You must make an english description - it is ok to include a local language description below if the server it meant for a specific nationality.

Any kind of cheating or misusing the website, will result in your server getting deleted and banned. Cheating also involves fake voting in any way, rebumping without any new info, using wrong categories etc.

Also: Please read through the Craft-List FAQ - many common questions have been answered there.

Terms Of Service have been updated: 2015.06.18